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Day 7

So I had the weekly trip to the grocer, and added a few items to put in rotation. Over the next week I should be getting really close to full paleo. Based on the reading I’ve been doing on the subject, it is GOOD to have a cheat day. The purpose being to throw your metabolism a curve. I figure one outing a week with the crew and then the usual weekend slippage should do. I chose to start the “diet” after a trip to the store so I have a stock of things to eat that don’t belong. Rather than waste the items I’ll use them and as they run out replace them with with more paleo things.

I am not a nutritionist, so calorie counts and carbohydrate formulas are not my style. I am however a person who can play by the rules. I’ve made several choices this year regarding my lifestyle. I chose to quit smoking, used chantix for a month with excellent results. I put them down back at the first of June. While doing that I returned to cycling, an activity I loved but got away from. That was postponed due to injury, just as I was getting benefits. Now as a result of injury I can’t bike just yet and have to go to the gym for physical therapy to get my spine back in shape. Being hurt really added the weight. So much so that now the desire to remove it is foremost on my mind. So all in all good choices for my lifestyle, some not my choosing, but we play the hand we are dealt.

It really helps if you have support from friends and loved ones for any change to stick. I have the wife on board regarding weight, and she is really all I need to stay focused.

Enough anecdotal musings.

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