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Day 14

So after the weekly trip to the grocer, I picked up a few more items that should fit nicely into the plan. I found dried cranberries and already shelled sunflower seeds. Those along with the almonds and cashews I have should make grazing very easy. I already mixed them into a trailmix of sorts. I’ll need to do a little reading to see if you can have too many nuts on this plan. Based on my reading they should be snacks not meals, meals should be lean meat and veg.

I snagged a few easy to cook meats as well, chicken breasts and pork chops. Those should go real quick on the Foreman grill. I plan to throw a handful of lean ground beef with a few slices of onions and jalapenos on the thing and run with it. It’ll be a burger without the bun. I have similar plans for the chicken and pork. I picked up some shrimp too, it was cheap and should add variety. There should also be a catfish dinner this week, so it’ll be a perfect match with homemade garlic mayo and a green salad.

Hopefully, due to cooler weather, I can figure out how to do a chicken soup. I am also looking into various chili recipes. All those cook slow and can be stored.I see the crock pot is going to be dear friend through this.

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