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Day 14

I stumbled across a few other sites with handy info and motivation, Son of Grok and Girl Gone Primal.
This Urban Gets Diesel hits on CrossFit but points to paleo. Right now I am trying to get the non paleo stuff out and work in more paleo items, reading other peoples experiences is a great way to get ideas for the types of food items and methods in which to work them in. I have no intention of going strict, as in free range eggs and bison. The basics of killing grains, dairy, etc will suffice.

With the types of food squared away and already working them into my eating plan, it is wise to focus on extra activities. Coming off an injury my options are to stick to low impact, at the gym there is a rowing machine, a Concept2 model. Being a desk jockey most days of the week any activity is better than none. I was never the gym type of person but have to go so I can access the weights required for my injury to recover. The rower is a perfect fit, hitting core muscles and doing cardio at the same time. I am no diet guru but a solid meal plan and increased physical activity should net excellent results.

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