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Day 17

Jumped on the scale and got a 220. I don’t weigh myself often but thought it would be good info to have. The more grains, carbs, and dairy I cut out, and the more paleo I go, a starting point is kind of necessary. The whole point is to clean up and trim down. I am not one of those obsessive scale users or calorie counters, just tired of not fitting into my clothes feeling like crap. Roughly two weeks of going as paleo as I can, I can say the energy is up pretty high. I did 3000+ meters on the concept 2 at 25 ish strokes per minute in 20 minutes and it felt like nothing. Keep in mind I drive a desk all day. So, tonight should be another 3000+ in same. This plan is pretty easy to stick to and you have loads of options of things to eat. I need to up my water intake and lower my salt, I love tabasco on everything. I need to up my reading as for some reason I feel like I am starving, hungry all the time. Maybe this is that body fat being being consumed, we’ll see next week when I get really damn close to 100% paleo intake, I expect the scale tells the tale.

So to start the day, two scrambled eggs, cup of tea for breakfast. Sunflower seeds and dried cranberries for morning snack. I had a handful of nuts for lunch. For dinner I’ll do roast beef and then a little ground beef and peppers. The early evening weigh in put me at 218, from 220 to 218 across a day, we’ll see if the averages play out.

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