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Day 17

A little motivation…

Those guys are way hardcore, but every little bit helps. Truly without a doubt the last two weeks have been a wild ride. Luckily by breaking my foods down to basics I am reaping the benefits of the extra energy. Based on my reading, it will get better. I almost wonder if it is a placebo, you know, all in my head. If my energy gets any higher I think I may try to run through a wall, seriously it is at 11. I wish I had found about this earlier this year when I got back into cycling. I want to get back on my bike. I totally wish I didn’t get hurt doing it, but I’ve become a better person due to it. I don’t sweat the small stuff so much and know I am not invincible or young. Even keeping this blog updated has turned into a release, even when no one else listens, the blog will. I’ll get brave this weekend and post a pic of my tubby ass, it will serve as reference as I get further in the plan.

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