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Day 19

Before pics, Friday weight was 218.
It took bravery to stop smoking. It took bravery to get back on my bike. It took bravery to get over the injury. It’s taken bravery to change my eating plan. It will take bravery to post pics of my fat ass on the internet. Sure I could pass on it but then the embrace of the change could be taken as false. Who is to know that any of it is real? How could it be proven that there is a real person posting? The shield of the internet is a powerful thing and has done it’s fair share of enabling armchair experts and backseat drivers of many a topic. SO with out further ado….

By no means do I consider myself morbidly obese, but the injury combined with stopping smoking and my line of work have led to a lifestyle that makes me out of breath, adds stress to my spine, and makes my clothes look stupid. Plus I am 33, about to be 34 and I for sure feel older and I feel that a lot of the commercials for drugs are calling me. I caught myself thinking internally…I might have that “restless leg”“do I pee like I should?”

Somewhere along the way, between June and now I think I woke up to a lot of things, and I got woke up to some things without my choice. Once you realize you HAVE to care about yourself AND others, instead of one or the other. Once you actually take the cliche…you can do whatever you put your mind to…and apply it, many things become clear. My firsthand experience with the healthcare system we have in place is a big influence also, I honestly felt I would be better off at the vet. Anything you can do to avoid going to a doctor or hospital, you should do. On of the most basic things that YOU DO CONTROL is what you eat. It is my personal belief that our media runs too many things and that instead of cures we get treatments. Those are topics for some other outlet.

All that aside and back to topic, the upcoming week will be the first week since adopting this change I’ll be the closest to full paleo as far as eating. It happens to be Thanksgiving. I am thankful for so many things this year. I guess no one can escape having some bad come into their life, but the final result can be turned into good.

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