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Day 22

Big breakfast omelet, ham and sausage. A little bit of salsa.

After yesterday and having actually felt “ravenous,” last night I boiled a few eggs and knocked those down. I felt the most satisfied of the weekend. Last week was not as egg heavy and was more on ground beef and chicken. Hopefully this week can be enough of all of them. 23 days in and the biggest cheat is a little honey in tea and some fried chicken. I viewed the chicken to be the lesser of the evils and it was the choice I made while eating out.

I have yet to see the mass amounts of weight, some folks report, come off. I can testify to the energy boost and less bloat. I understand it takes time to get out of whack and therefore it stands to reason to take time to get back in whack. At the minimum I expect to get to my “normal” weight, as far as what my genes declare. I also know I have to respect my house in this, and can’t exactly let food go to waste so there will be non paleo items consumed out of respect. Fact is those items are dwindling in supply, and I can really get more paleo in my diet.

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