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Day 24

Bacon and sausage for breakfast. Grilled chicken caesar salad for lunch. Dinner can’t be planned at this time, but I suspect it will be chicken breast strips.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, a very non paleo feast will ensue. I will have adequate choices however given the traditional leaning to meat dishes. It is also the planned cheat of the week. I personally feel I have not cheated or blown the plan, I’ve endured the WTF look from the co-workers, and had to explain WTF I was doing and why. I know I’ve made a very valiant effort to stick to it and yet don’t feel I am sticking to anything. As for the “cheat,” I’ll make homemade mac and cheese for the gang and I will eat a serving. In the back of my mind, I’ll feel like I doomed myself to hell but in reality, it’s no biggie. In fact, it could be good to throw some high carbs in to keep the metabolism guessing.

This morning I put on my “pants that beg to be off by noon,” there was no struggle or sucking the gut in and I may have been able to take in the belt a notch. The wife has said I look thinner from certain angles, I take this as as progress.

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