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Day 27

Leftover turkey for breakfast, a caesar salad for lunch, baked ham for dinner.

It is getting close to the 30 day mark, and I have yet to see the massive loss of pounds reported by so many folks. Am I already close to my ideal weight genetically? Am I doing it wrong? At least vanity was not my motivation to do this.

I’ve cut out grains, sugar, and most all the dairy, save for cheddar cheese. If I am getting grains they are mixed in with some of the processed meats I have to eat, so stuff doesn’t waste. The only sugar I have put in anything has been honey and I plan to let that go too. Maybe the grapes and dried cranberries are adding sugar. Could it be my snacks of almonds and cashews and sunflower seeds? I seem to be staying at 220 pounds. I feel different and that is worth mentioning and that helps keep me on track. Maybe the next 30 days, I’ll see some weight come off.

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