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Day 28

Dinner plans changed, the wife wanted soup, chicken soup. I said, I can make that!

Using two chicken breasts, red onions, green onions, carrots, various spices and some water in the slow cooker. I even hooked her up with some noodles, cooked apart from the main. Little did she know I made this a bit back, the exact same dish and all I got was, “I would never eat that.” Tonight how tunes change, I got a “that was really good, it only needed a little salt.” I am glad she liked it.

Looking forward to day 29 even if it is a Monday following 4 days off from work. I hate Mondays. I wish it was spring, I desperately want to get my bike back out there, I think I shall add that to my Christmas list: Dear Santa, Please fix my bike. Even though it is too dark to ride during the work week, I can take it places on the weekend and do laps. I think that and the Concept 2 Rower along the paleo eating and I’ll be in excellent condition. Keep in mind I am not a exerciser, workout junkie, fitness abuser. I ride for fun and to get outside, I am an IT guy who stays trapped at a desk all day and will typically burst into flames if I go outside. I have noticed that other IT folk take pride in any outdoor activity even cutting the grass, which I must say I can relate to. Focusing on something besides a monitor is a nice way to get to a zen like state and let it all go. I get this from cycling, the whole getting in the zone, and having to push myself or I have to walk back home. Again, keep in mind my level is low, and walking back home might be 5 miles at most. I generally rode until I thought I would have trouble getting back, then turned around and headed back, getting further each day. Enough of that, this is a blog on eating as a therapy and I blog for therapy šŸ™‚

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