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Day 28

In reading on this paleo plan I stumbled across the Crossfit scene. I would love to do this but my injury keeps me from it. My injury does not keep me from doing any of the low level activities a paleo man would have done, such as walking. I get bent out of shape having this new energy and no outlet. I want to get back on my bike but it gets dark too early to ride when I have time. This will have to wait until Spring. Maybe by Spring cycling will be fun instead of work. By Spring I should be on paleo a full 4 months or at least when the days get longer. Hopefully I get released from all doctors on Dec 1, then I may be able to branch out my gym activities. My back is not 100% yet and I do not want to hurt it further. Certain positions cause me pain and discomfort, I still can’t just ride in a car for more than hour before I have to get out.

There are a lot of forums out there pushing “go paleo for 30 days.” I am 2 days away from that. Those boards say “it will change your life.” I can say it has. I know I’ve mentioned a few times back about indigestion and being sleepy. Those are not problems to me anymore. The constant heartburn had gotten really old and I am happy to see it go. Coming home from work and going straight to sleep after dinner is over with. When I sleep, I get rest. At work we often go eat with the team, when we get back I literally nod off at my desk. This had gone away too. Not due to depriving myself but making the more correct choice. It really is easy, no grains, sugar or dairy. Sure there are times when it is impossible to get away. A hurdle I’ve faced is my spouse, she is not doing this so we have issues. There are temptations in the house and that is fine. I’ve also had to start cooking for just me and the wife gets bent out of shape on that too. I do offer some of every meal I make but she thinks it’s a DIET, like she has never had a chicken breast or ground beef before. That word is so loaded with negativity and it can’t possibly taste good, can it? I am making a best effort to to include her in my meals by not making anything she wouldn’t normally eat. She chooses to ignore it. I also don’t preach to her about it, but I smile on the inside after she loads up on grains and carbs and promptly passes out in her carb naps. I know that her drive and follow through would benefit so much from the energy I get by doing this, probably more than me.

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