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Month 2

30 days of going as paleo as possible, has been fun and not too difficult. Biggest results as of today are increase energy, less of that bloated feeling, and some of my pants that typically scream for mercy are not so loud.

With 30 days under my belt, I hope to point this blog to any primal/paleo/fitness activites I get into as well as food related items. It is our winter rainy season here and outdoor activities are subject to the amount of light in the day. I hope to get my bike fixed and go on some weekend rides, that will be fun and a long hard road to go. I know cavemen didn’t have bikes. Recovering from the injury is slow, the funny piece is I got hurt trying to clean myself up. I can’t win for losing somedays. I plan to get a little more hiking in and some camping, two things I dearly love and have gotten away from in my married years. All those basic things will contribute to this lifestyle change.

I’ve found there is rather large community on the web for paleo eaters and caveman types so there is tons of food ideas and articles to read. Now that I have gotten a month in I don’t feel like I have constantly blog about everything little thing I do. It has gone from stay focused to here it is deal with it. I plan to keep it updated very regular for at least the next 60 days. Then will be 90 paleo days and the changes should have occurred as far as weight loss and what not. Maybe the goal initially was to lose weight but the education has been nice too. I am not a stare in the mirror person nor am I an obsessive scale user. I have no plans to become that. I plan to leave the calorie counting and glycemic indexes to the pros and just adopt and practice this most easy control of at least one part of my life.

I am proud for sticking to it as best as possible, it wasn’t really hard. You aren’t deprived of things. I will say the carb cravings were bad at first. I was not perfect as I had to cheat as to not waste food items I and my wife just bought. So far so good and I look forward to continuing to put paleo into practice.

One last bit, you really get back in the kitchen doing this style of eating and that is another hobby.

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