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Counting Days

In just about a week I’ll not have to return to work until after the first of the year. In that time off, excluding spouse mandated activities, I hope to get my bike fixed and do some riding, even in the cold. I guess I’ll have to break down and buy some of those spiffy cycling duds. Hopefully increasing the physical output will speed up the loss of weight.

As of this morning I got into some jeans I could not get into two weeks ago. I weigh the same, 220 pounds, so I am kind of puzzled. My belly looks the same to me but I think it’s disappearing from other areas, and I’ve read belly fat is often last to go. However I will not sweat the details. I count this as progress.

I also have to go to market today or tomorrow, I need to restock and plan on making a crock pot of paleo chili if I can find a recipe that sounds good. I’ve been craving pizza sauce like mad and have resisted the urge to nuke the wifes lean cuisine frenchbread for just that. I need to figure out a sauce like that and what combo of items will be good with it. I am thinking a chicken parmesan?

I’ve removed cashews and moved to just almonds, although I do have some pecans as they are all over right now. By the first of the year I should have the fruit out too, I’ve been using dried cranberries to get over any sugar cravings. I plan to eat fruit but only as a treat instead of everytime I eat any nuts.

That will sum up the thoughts on the grand caveman plan for today, I’ve got a ton of work to do today and love that it is Friday!

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