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Getting Deep Into Month 2

I got on the scale and was kind of shocked. I started Month 2 at 220 on the nose this past Monday. Today I was 217 and leaning toward 218. Very good indeed. I’ll also say, on the weekend I typically eat more and this weekend was no different. At least 5 meals Saturday and we were out hunting at the malls. Breakfast was homemade paleo chili, lunch was as paleo as I could find in the food court; in the form of bourbon chicken, dinner was chili and later I had to have some eggs and salsa.

So, two pounds in a week, I consider progress. I really hope this keeps up. It should accelerate a bit once my bike gets repaired and I can probably get some weekend rides in. I will continue to graze on almonds and eat only when hungry. I made a run on the grocer and stocked up on more meat and veg and really plan on giving the Foreman a workout. Shrimp, pork, chicken, and beef. Lots of salads too.

The more I read and see the roots of the internet community in this way of life, I see people who inspire me to get back to what I always envisioned myself. In my younger years I would stay in the woods stopping just to take it all in and always fancied that book “My Side of the Mountain.” He was pretty damn paleo. Now I have no mind to go live in a tree stump, but it sure as hell sounds as good today as it did back when I was a kid. The basics of the paleo lifestyle really fit into my mindset. You get to shed the trappings of The Man, go against the mainstream, and better yourself all at once. All of those things I try to do when possible. To that end I plan on getting back into hiking and backpacking. I guess it may be an impending mid-life crisis but I think back on my younger days more often and I see how connected I was to the land and being in the wild. As I got older I got away from that. As I developed my career, which is technology focused, I was able to see that not just me but almost everyone today is further apart from everyone else than ever before. I myself am guilty of this, I’ve SMS messaged my wife from one room away. The more technology you get your hands on and the more ways you use it to get connected the more of an island you become. I’ve chosen to combat this with a rekindling of hiking, camping, and just a general unplugging. I have yet to get a chance to to do this due to injury but it will happen 2010 is the year.

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