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Vacation is Near

I am ready for my days off. Not having to go into work is going to rock. The one thing that bothers me is all that free time. It usually leads to eating more.

All the Christmas meals are coming up, fortunately lots of the choices are paleo. The temptation of high sugar sweets will be unbearable, if they aren’t around I am fine.

I went into a different grocer today and they had almond meal. I snagged a bag and hope to bread some chicken and do some pancakes. I’ve seen too many good recipes and I need to try them.

I did try a recipe for homemade barbecue sauce and used it on some grilled pork chops for my dinner. It was ok, it is lacking something. I think liquid smoke might do it. I have cooked so much in the last month and a half it’s unreal. It is making the wife spoiled, except she us not eating much of my “health” food.

I desperately want my bike fixed so I can increase my physical activity. I think I am thinner, I took a few pics for the records. I’ll post them and the end of months at the first of the year. That will be the start of month three. So far so good indeed.

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