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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Progress, even in the week of sugar overload. I shall be strong but have fun too. The scales are steady at 215. I’ve been at hone for like a week now, and have been careful to not overdo it. This weeks market trip includes fish, I have been leaving it out because the wife is not a big fan so I need a way to have it just for me, so a half dozen tilapia fillets should be easy to do up on the grill. The bulk of what I’ve been eating is pot roast and salads. The roast is done so this week will be chicken and fish. I also got another round of fixings for chili, everyone liked it and honestly I never get tired of it. I miss adding crackers but oh well.

Christmas is at my house this year and everyone is bringing sweets, my wife and I are providing the meats and veg. I suspect I’ll have to give in on one dessert to keep the family off my case but I won’t sweat it.

I’ve been reading on fasting as part of the paleo plan and may try that after 90 days is up, this will be first of February. I’ll be 90 days in by then. It already seems dumb to keep counting days as the habit has taken hold. I still get cravings for sweets like mad though, I generally get a salad or slice of all natural cheddar to calm it down. That cheddar will be the most non paleo item I eat. Seems to kick the craving down. Herbal tea helps too. The fast should be short like a day, based on others experience. I am trying to see if sleep counts before I move forward on that.

I think the last piece of the puzzle is physical activity, I need to take that up a notch. Luckily the almighty bike is fixed. I still need to get another helmet before i get back on it and I need to go scope out places to ride, They have to be flat areas to limit strain on my spine. I liked flat areas anyways, you have to work harder to keep going as opposed to having hills to coast down. I am really excited to get back out there, and I have to go alone as no one else has interest. This makes it hard and really drives home that I am in it for myself.

Additionally a couple of more hardcore paleo eaters over at twitter need shout outs, @CastleGrok and @RogerDeRok are both veterans and have given me daily motivation to keep primal/paleo things in my routine. Thanks to them.

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