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Holy Smokes

I caved and ate a piece of cake over Christmas. I felt like total shit. I would have rather been out hitting the Patron and puking my guts up than feel like that. As bad as I felt, it was amazing to see how just that amount of grain based food can bring on that amount of discomfort. Needless to say, it makes it really easy to stay on target. I should mention the cake was covered in icing and that may have contributed to the pain. Not to be foul but typically make poo like once a day but after the cake I was going like 12 times, it sucked.

It was hard having all the garbage in the house and watching the family eat it. Although, after they ate it and sat around being lazy and gassy I was not. The sounds of their digestion really made me sick. I made sure they took their food with them when they left, we kept the ham and turkey. My wife loves cornbread dressing so she kept that.

Food aside, I am back on track. Pounding meat and veg, leaning heavy on the meat. Without even thinking smaller amounts get me by longer than before I changed. I still think I want 8 chicken strips but really only eat 4, saving the rest for later. I’ve been home since Dec 15th and even with my lower than normal physical activity no weight was gained and I’ve been eating pretty frequently. I guess this means my stomach has shrunk. A good example of this is any leftover grain based foods in a bowl, say cornbread dressing. Put a spoonful in some water and watch how big it swells. It’s doing that in your gut and is probably why you get all bloated after eating the stuff.

I need a damn new helmet. I scoped out a nice mile long flat area to get back on the bike but need a helmet. Doctors said stay off hills and such and ride on flat areas. I figure if I get 5 miles a week for a few weeks just to build back up and then start going for 10. Soon, very soon.

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