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As it goes, holding at 213. I want 200. I think to get there I’ll have to increase my activity. I have hikes in the planning stages, and await the time change to get back cycling.

I’ve pretty much gone all meat. Very little veg. It goes right through me. I need to go to the organic farm north of here and check out what they have. Even if my choices are 100% I can only get 80% due to the fact my meats are factory.

Still, I’m amazed that even a serving of bread or pasta leaves me almost hungover and sick. I had a few in the past couple of weeks, social fails, no way out.

I’ve also noticed my knee feels fine, as opposed to achy and stiff. I wonder if that is on my back too? The last two weeks my back has felt very good, usually it’s been achy, stiff too. I thought it was the weather.

I was at : Pheba, MS 39755,

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