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#PrimalChat on Twitter

This is a repost of the original post over here.

Last night some of the people I follow on Twitter had a “chat” of sorts on the primal lifestyle. A few questions were posed and much fun was had. One of the questions was “how you got primal?” Amidst the chaos and bound by the 140 character limit I opted out of answering. Here goes.

I have never been a gym person or one who exercised and I always ate what I wanted. I weighed 185 since high school all the way up to just 5 years ago when I entered the IT field. That led to lots of desk riding so the pounds increased. Once I got self aware that I was outgrowing clothes I tried the Atkins low carb thing (2008), I did lose weight but felt deprived and like I had to constantly monitor every bite, this wasn’t for me and even while on it I gained the weight back. So I stopped that jazz. I continued on doing what I wanted when I wanted.

Fast forward to 2009, May. I finally got fed up feeling like shit all day and not to mention having to buy pants all the damn time and thinking to myself “…what the hell is up, I am not eating wrong and still getting fatter…”

So I bought a bike, I used to ride a lot and I always liked it. I was stoked and rode 5 miles a day at least. I was at the point where I wanted to start going 10 miles. Then I got nailed by a truck from behind. Ruptured my spleen and shattered some bones in my spine. I spent a week in ICU knocked out and only remembering waking up to get more demerol or morphine. This was end of June 2009.

In my mind I was thinking “OK, this trying to live right shit is for the birds.” I had recently used Chantix to quit smoking, decided to get fit, and was about to make moves in my job. In the weeks following the accident I could only stay on the couch and watch the tube and play videogames. My PS3 trophy count was sky high 🙂 All of July and half of August I was literally on my ass. I am fortunate to be able to work from home so I was only slightly less useful to the boss. Mid August I went back to work for half days and moved around like an old man who needed a walker but didn’t have one. I have to add I am lucky to be alive and thankful, dare I say blessed even as to not arouse the non faithful.

The injury and lack of activity really stacked up the pounds, at one of many doctor visits I was weighing in at 240 and being told to lose weight to help my back recover, something was out of whack in my blood too but that black magic talk escaped me.

I remembered the Atkins thing working so got to reading on “diets” and saw many of the fad things and I am not a fad person and typically shun them. I believe there is a point where things get to be too cool and then become un-cool. So South Beach etc be damned.

Some random Google search brought up “caveman diet.” It was fringe. I was intrigued, caveman eh? I like cavemen, I fancy myself a survivalist and have been dying to get back into hiking and camping, the whole minimalist thing captivates me. This caveman thing needed more reading.

Caveman led to paleo led to primal blueprint. Minimalist eating? Really? Why not?

I stripped out every piece of manufactured food I could as hard as possible without wasting. Now I am starting my 5th month as primal as I can. I have no intention of going back. I am 40 pounds lighter, have even constant energy all day. I have felt the mental sharpness of fasting and seen the grain fed corporate shills driven before me in my zen like state fueled by bacon. I still have a strong a “like” of certain grain fed things mind you, just not in my food if possible.

I also feel like a poser at times, I can’t get much game meat or grass fed so I have to support factory farmed meats. I am onto a few leads however and will do what I can to get it into my eating.

In these past few months the primal thing has become more than a diet, I’ve linked up with some very cool folks on the interwebs and Twitter, people I hold myself against in a type of standard. Know that I am Grokking daily. Secretly judging myself against you.

Can I do the same as them?

I can make a meal like that.

Oh, you walked up Mt Saint Helens in VFF, I want to too.

So in an almond shell this is how I found this tribe. Groks are the Joneses I want to keep up with.

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