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Picture Recipe Primal Candy

In and amongst my daily battles with coconuts and most recently buying and selling a home, you have to eat. I from time to time get cravings for sweets and luckily the blueprint allows it. The following is a quick and easy homemade snack. It will serve to keep the marshmallow peeps and egg laying rabbits at bay this weekend. Up front I used my Android for the pics love or hate it.

To begin I grated bit of fresh coconut, won fair in square in battle.

I then gathered some fresh strawberries and bananas together with the coconut.

Next I sliced the bananas like so…

I battered them in grated coconut.

The battered bananas now go into the dehydrator.

Similar treatment for the strawberries. However the attempt to batter them in coconut was a fail.

Everything sliced, battered, and in its place.

Set the Nesco to 135 and let her roll for about 4-5 hours.

That is about all there is on that. Easy to make, except for the coconut. My favorite was the banana and coconut, really a good combo of flavor. The strawberries kept their sweetness and I imagine them in with some almonds to complete a trial mix. One of my goals for this year is to take a few trips off the grid and do a bit of minimalist camping/hiking. Drying fruits and meats is currently my plan for food. So far I know I’ll take jerky, almonds, and now this combo. More than likely I’ll skip the coconut 🙂

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