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Times of Salmon Aren’t Like Medieval Times

I recently was talked into giving salmon another go. I like fish but I found out if salmon isn’t hooked up correctly you may get burned. I usually have access to fresh catfish year round in my area and it is pretty versatile in the kitchen as it accepts many methods of prep and sauces. My favorite sauce being garlic mayo. There are a few brands of mayo that are pretty damn paleo/primal and doing it up at home is not to hard.

The plan is simple go hardcore this week. I aim for 100% and feel I hit 85% most of the time, this week I feel like 70/30. I ate some pasta and bread and still feel all bloated. This week is all salads and salmon. Sure there will boiled eggs and bacon along for the ride but core meals will be a salad and meat will be some wild salmon. This might go long because I have stopped eating unless hungry but I hope to contain it to this week, barring any fasts. No deviation. If it isn’t salad or salmon it isn’t going to be eaten. I have to add there are a ton of strawberries and coconut in the house right now but that should be all.

I asked the Twittersphere for recipe ideas and the primal folks all pointed to minimal prep methods. Seeing that is the common view I will surely go with that. After all Grok liked it minimal and so do I. I also found a really badass site called PaleoHacks they take their inspiration from Lifehacker type sites. Basically you post a question and get great feedback, you also get ranked for helping others. So on suggestion I posed my query there. I also found Paleotron and this guy is good in the kitchen, nice presentation and recipes. I respect a focused blog like his and PaleoHacks compared to my all over the map type. His tuna recipe is looking like it will get a salmon twist 🙂 this week.

At any rate this is salmon and salad week for me, except for one day where I had a few tilapia filets left and did them up in EVOO, butter, with homemade garlic mayo, side of boiled eggs, and lettuce.

  1. April 6, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Good luck going a full 100%. It can be really tough. I think I’ve been closer to 85 or 90 after my first two weeks, which were 100%.

    What seasonings did you use on that tilapia? It looks really good. Let me know how the salmon treatment of the tuna recipe goes. Salmon has a stronger flavor, so the outcome with the spicy mayo could be interesting. Thanks for the shout out in the entry!

    • April 6, 2010 at 8:23 pm

      100% is impossible, in reality. I feel better if I aim at it though. Aiming at 100 will probably land me in the high 80s. I’ll have to check the seasoning and get back to you.

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