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Some Moments Like Shots Fired

The last week or so all I’ve needed to get by would fit in my casket.

Pretty minimal, if you ask me.

In the process of setting up house with all my usual gear such as DVR, surround sound, and satellite TV. I’ve taken stock and having been a few days with out all of it my mind is cleared and my eyes are opened. The devices came to life and the new clean emptiness was wiped away. The silence stolen. In those moments, on those quiet days, you could hear socked feet on the far side of the house. You watched and learned the path of the sun across the floor and how it lights up dust in the air, like floating stars. Now the socked feet are unheard and you remain clueless of the proximity of your company. That beam of light has become a threat because it broke the line of sight to the television.The movements of the occupants are scheduled now, it only took 2 days for the dog to know which door was out. It was good when it was less.

Less is more. Less is better. Less static broadcast into my eyes and ears. Less left. Less Right.

Lately with everyone being pulled to a side in some form or fashion and judging each other on the side chosen, the chatter gets unreal, the rules are smudged. The norm gets uneasy.

Two options before me, a coping mechanism, embrace or deflect. Every question fired at me gets sliced by this mantra. Embrace or deflect. Embrace the people, places, and things that keep you whole. Deflect the people, places, and things that put holes in you.

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