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A Real Human.

A real pal of mine is about to follow the way, using my copy of the Paleo Solution. His Tumblr jonathandoeslife.com will server as a log of sorts. He’s already had his first paleo breakfast. Jonanthon is a runner and health nut and well schooled in the SAD way. It’ll be interesting to watch him for the next 30 days instead of the usual business of listening to other people who like to hear themselves talk. I hope he falls in with the right primals and not the riders of dogma dick.






























Here are his initial thoughts:

I’m a skeptic. I have a bachelor’s degree in biology, so I need to see empirical evidence to convince me that scientifically accepted matters are incorrect. I’m also wrapping up (as in next month) a master’s degree in public policy. So I’m painfully aware of the effects of industry lobbying and election year politics on issues that affect us all (such as food policy). I was thinking about this Paleo thing on my run tonight – you know, the one I didn’t want to go on but went anyway because I was over my calorie limit for the day. Is this something I could turn into a lifestyle? Something I can really do the rest of my life? I don’t know. But I did South Beach for 4 months in Fall 2009 and lost 40 pounds. Which was enough to encourage me through training for a half, and then full marathon. And for the most part, I’ve kept that weight off. And do in fact believe (yet don’t exactly follow) the South Beach principles regarding bad carbs’ causation of cravings and overeating. Will Paleo be the same way? Help me drop a few pounds and teach me some things I can put into practice for the rest of my life? Or perhaps be so compelling that I actually follow it from here on out? I don’t know, but either one would be worth the effort. If a Paleo diet helps me lose these last stubborn pounds, success! Feel so great that I do it forever, success! Regardless though, I decided what I’m pretty sure I can’t do the rest of my life. I cannot for the rest of my life count the calories of every morsel of food that enters my mouth and go for a run at 10 pm to balance things out if I go over my allotted calories. I’m not yet committing to Paleo. I am indeed a skeptic and don’t like prohibiting things from my diet. But I am going to take an honest look at it and read the book. I’ll of course be posting my thoughts on the matter here for your feedback, comments, questions, and advice.



I’m wishing the best to him for the next month. I have no doubt he will be surprised and he is most welcome in my tribe. This guy is a lifeboat builder for sure.

Here’s a bit of an update with Jonanthon:

Check out his pantry too.

  1. March 14, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Looks like his did a good job cleaning house.

    • March 14, 2011 at 1:44 pm

      Yup. I’m curious how his month goes. I think he even has his wife on board.

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