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Chronicles of Roo

Call it what you will but over on the Book of Face I started updating my status with short paragraphs or sentences from my perceived point of view of how you see the world. I thought it wise to post them here before I can’t find them as people seem to like them. They primarily focus on glimpses from your point of view from a swing we put you in. Robot Swing.  They strike me randomly so this is how they will be presented here. I can see you are very intelligent but do not have a way to express it fully so these are really my attempts to give you a voice of sorts. Here are the first few.

“The cold robotic arms of the baby swing did little to comfort Roo. She found the lap of her father much more suitable. In fact, his beard was more epic from this angle.”

“Roo lay lucid in the monotonous clutches of the robot swing and pondered the power of the hot black drink her father imbibed. She could only grunt her frustration at why he would choose it over her.”

“Glaring up across the plastic bottle that her father offered, Roo knew it was but a mere substitute for her mother. Despite this treachery she fed. She needed to grow.”

“She’d had enough of the robot swing and it’s cold unforgiving motion. Only the warmth of her father and his epic beard would do. Roo looked up from his lap and saw the robot swing empty and swinging. She laughed at it and took care it did not hear.”

“The robot swing had a new manner of trickery. Instead of its usual side to side, today it rocked front to back. Roo wasn’t displeased by this but would be ready next time.”

“Once again Roo had escaped the cold clutches of the robot swing. It sat swinging with no occupant in the corner. Roo, in a ball, slept on her father’s chest. It was better here.”

“She had awakened in a strange place. No memory of the trip. It was bright in here and had many strangers. Some more strange than the furry four legged ones at home.
Mother led the hunt this time. Roo and her father stayed back. The frenzy too rough for one so young. Perhaps one day she would lead the hunt. Until then her focus would be learning.”


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  1. October 21, 2011 at 10:44 pm

    I like reading the Chronicles of Roo on the Book of Face and Twitter, it’s a unique perspective that makes me smile.

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