Bitching Moaning Growing

May 18, 2011 3 comments

Job stress, new baby, heart problems. Three big reasons I slipped into a pit of about 50/50 paleo primal eating.

The heart PVCs being number one and having the broadest range of causes. That led me to increase carbs, cut out coffee, and dig in on electrolytes. Increasing carbs went down in the form of including more processed foods and served the other purpose of getting rid of any stress related to me being “paleo enough.” So, for february up until now I pretty much have been eating what I want with no particular dogma attached to it. Suffice it to say I put 5 pounds back on and have had a return of sinus issues.

Caffeine was not a cause or contributing factor, I saw no increase or decrease in the events on decaf or full joe. Decaf fucking sucks. I did cut out salt and have no plan to put it back in, I think there’s enough in everything else.

I’m pretty convinced the biggest factor was stress. Coming to terms with my daughter getting ready to come for a stay and changing jobs have led to a damn near complete stop of the events. Following and listening your heart is no bullshit. Since leaving the assholes of the evil dot com and taking a spot at a dot org I have had ZERO heart events.

I also dropped my kettlebell out of fear of adding stress so my activity level since February has been that of a house cat. Late last year I signed up for the Warrior Dash just to prove I could do it and have some fun. With the life changes I was real close to bailing out and just having a few days in the mountains. A friend of mine urged me to go ahead and do it. So I did. I’m proud of me. I never thought I’d get over that wall and yet I crushed it. I faced neck deep water too and for a grown ass man who can’t swim it’s a big deal.

Now I’m charged up and motivated.  I’ve done about 400 swings this week with no ill effects. This is a sign of things to come.

I understand this post is a bit all over the place but so what who cares? Lots of #nothing to come.

Breakfast of Warriors


#Kettlebell …form is crucial.

April 14, 2011 2 comments

Primal Paleo Awesome Super Great News Get In Now

April 1, 2011 8 comments

I’ve been thinking about all the great things that have happened to me since adopting a paleo/primal way of eating. So many things, wonderful things. I dropped 40 pounds in 3 months, kept it off with no problems too. I want to return the favor. I’m led, with my heart, to do this.

Starting today if you send me 80 bucks in American monies I will email and call you with primal and paleo tips and advice. I’ll even google the free shit for you and forward those links to you. The value is incredible. In a move not too distant from Fight Club, I’m happy to sell your ass back to you. It’d be an honor to be a primal coach with the greats.

As a bonus I plan to do a series of posts on the healing power of paleo and primal living. I’ve have an extensive background in papercuts and stubbed toes. My scientific series on not washing my ass is another mind blowing part of the package. You need to sign up now. It’s a limited time offer. Only subscribers have any hope of getting in on this action. Another amazing part of this package includes  me tweeting  your progress with advanced hashtag technology to drive SEO.

Here is a glimpse into the results you can achieve under my leadership:















Let’s do this shit people. Let’s get you trained up. You need it. Just look at how fucking ripped I am after 6 months of not eating donuts and cheetos. You owe it to yourself.

Halfway. #projectradiosilence

March 28, 2011 10 comments

I’ve reached the middle of my little social media blackout. I’ve been fasting the old info diet. Let me tell you that after being off the smack you change. I never noticed it when people in the real world talk about “your posts” or “did you see what so and so posted?”

I answered “No. I did not see the post. I haven’t looked at FB for x days.”

They retort, “what the fuck is wrong with you?” I say give it a listen and see how many times you hear it.

I remember fondly checking my cell and laughing at a stray tweet and then being asked “what’s so funny?” I have no answer for that, you had to be there. Now I see at the restaurant the other Zoo Humans sitting 3 feet away from each other and never once look up. Fingers sliding on the glass in some motion resembling a martial art. I DO NOT miss that.

I remember being caught up in some virtual drama that was about as serious as watching grass grow. Yet needing to refresh so I didn’t miss the next big salvo in the pissing match. I DO NOT miss that.

You also tune into people overfishing all the media for that next big status update or that line that is tweet worthy-guilty. On one hand I miss it, the other I’m sad. Ducking out of hyperspace left a void. It’s been filled with more tangible offerings. Cooking for the wife is the one.

There’s something to the amount of screen time you get being a reason you can’t sleep for shit, either. I’ve had some 12 hour naps in the last 20 days, thanks to not giving  a damn that you hate your job. Thanks also to not caring that you have become so miserable you have no outlet but to make everybody else miserable. I DO NOT miss that shit.


Hopefully the next 20 days will be similar. So far they’ve been peaceful. It’s been good to not have the burden.

Will I jack back into the matrix? Yes. I got my prescription for red pills re-filled.

Said, you don’t like the way I’m living? #projectradiosilence

March 25, 2011 3 comments

I may not get it. I may need help or not. I’m not sure at times. I love hitting shuffle on the mp3 player and having a sermon delivered. Nothing like that kinship with music that has heart.

I find it hard to see the heart in a lot of music today. I’ve been seeking. I find it hard to see the heart in a lot of things, I’ve been seeking. That seeking has led to me some dark places and some greener pastures. Today shuffle brought a track that sums up tons in the way I see and feel about things. I’m glad my late night teenage outings allowed my DNA to be injected with such great music. I’m saddened I can’t find anymore because it’s become so buried. I’m not sure if it was the drugs or if we as a society in those times were just doing it right, but something or someone came down and blessed so many with the method to raise the hairs on my neck and I’m sure the necks of others. Maybe because we were less connected? Maybe we had to think and feel for ourselves with the real warm body of a friend? Maybe we were all on the same shit?

Something about getting away from the city lights and heading out into the dark. The stars get big and the pulls on a bottle get bigger. Bigger still the expanse of the mind and the elation of its growth and ability to see there is another way or to see the good in your path and continue on it. Under those big stars you’d get smaller. Never so small as to not know your place but small enough to feel the planet move. Those long summer nights lit by a small fire lent themselves to time travel of sorts, we’d watch the moon move across the sky.

“Teenage angst has paid off well, now I’m bored and old.”


That meant a lot back then. It was like we turned the corner and could stand on our own. We could stand for and against what we wanted and it would matter. The loud talkers would become less than the smoke rising up from our fire. Their message muted like our stoned out eyes. The volume of the car stereo increased and so did our commune. We were all on the same page. I feel today that my page is home to just me. Maybe it’s supposed to be that way? Maybe it’s part of that corner turning? I wonder.

I leave you with an excerpt of the lyrics from the track that spun this up. Give it a listen.

What do you think they would say
If I stood up and I walked away
Nobody here really understands me
And so I’ll wave goodbye I’m fine
And I’m fine


Vampires can be pigs too.

March 24, 2011 1 comment

Here’s a twist on “vampire chicken” a tasty dish by itself. This one uses a pork tenderloin. Pretty simple and pretty good.

To start take your tenderloin and give it a quick browning on all sides. I used some coconut oil on a medium heat.


Once you get a little color on the flesh you can move it to the slow cooker.


In the slow cooker I put a half cup of water, a bit of salt, and some diced garlic. The amounts are scientific and must be followed exactly.



Flip the loin over, fat side down. Grab a knife with your bare hands and slice that sucker open. Grok is down with violence, so I hear.


Now that your victim is open to suggestion, put some garlic in the wounds.


Place the loin in the slow cooker fat side up.


Cover it and let it roll. About 8 hours later the fat should split or crack. This means it is done.


Remove from the slow cooker and enjoy.


Big bear chase me.

March 20, 2011 2 comments

11 Crepe Myrtles. 11 holes dug with a shovel. 11 wheelbarrows full of dirt moved from the front yard to the back. 18 cubic feet of potting soil hoisted on my shoulders to the 11 holes. 18 cubic feet of hardwood mulch spread to the 11 holes.
Dirty hands and sweat from the brow stinging my eyes.
I dare say it’s free therapy.
I dare say it is Church.

By the end I’m telling myself “just one more rep….”

At the end I’m telling myself “big bear chase…”