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Macro Shots

April 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I am no photographer but I like to shoot. I really like taking shots of nature (it holds still). Here are a few from around the yard. These will be increasingly important as we move to a new house. My wife plans to frame a few in memory of our first home together. Typically I get out and crawl around in the yard with the camera on macro, then slice them up in “dramatic” angles. These are not yet sliced but are fueled by bacon and stalked in Five Fingers.

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Back on the Steed

March 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I finally got back on the bike. I had it repaired back in December and have been waiting on the time change. It’s been sitting in the mud room gathering dust. The weather has started getting really good around here and an opportunity presented itself to go ride with a group, I jumped on it. A short ride of something like 5 miles, man it felt longer.

Back prior to the injury I was working my way up to 10 miles a day and it was getting easier and easier. Of course a Ford up the pooper sort of takes the wind out you. It also makes going back riding by yourself a big deal, the Betty to my Barney Rubble was very worried. At any rate I rode with three other people, one I know two I didn’t. Group rides are better and casual is king.

The last visit to the doctors said stay on flat ground, hills have a side to side motion that could hurt my back. This is impossible. Sorry Doc. We did hills, curves, flats, fast and slow. It felt like the days of yore when BMX was king and you cruised your neighborhood until the street lights came on. A psychic link with the others in the group, quickly formed, and in minutes we all knew when we were to take a left or needed to stop. My brakes squealed like a pig, but what can you do? I really thought I was I holding my own until the last mile and then I lost my wind. I pressed on and tried to ignore the growing gap between me and the group. Thankfully one of the fixed gear nerds needed to hit the liquor store. He likes liquor and it was on sale. A solid ten minute break right before the last mile, NICE 🙂

A day later it didn’t really feel like all that youthful neighborhood playtime. At least physically, that ache in the legs, there to remind you along with the “taint pain” (henceforth known as T-Pain), that you are kind of stupid and might need to think a bit more before you do this again. This is what hot tubs are for.

I have to note this ride was done in the middle of an intermittent fast, only two #primal meals in 48 hours. How is it possible to not feel tired, only eat twice in 48 hours, and go on a five mile ride and get done with more energy than you started with? Ask Grok. I am in awe. I cannot wait to get back out again.