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Meatloaf Smeatloaf Double Beatloaf

December 12, 2010 Leave a comment

At last. I have scored a source for local grass fed beef and pastured chickens. I can get serious about gaining a primal level now. Level 10 Primal Thetan here I come.

For my first cooking session I decided to do a meatloaf. It’s an easy tasty recipe and should serve up nicely with my grass fed ground beef.

You’ll need a pound of grass fed ground beef, a couple of eggs, some almond flower, and whatever seasoning you like. We used some Cavenders and minced garlic. A metal bowl is handy as well along with some foil and glass loaf pan. I’m sure a metal pan will work fine.

In a bowl place your meat.

Add 2 eggs, I’d say these are optional but mom did it so you should too.

Next up, the almond meal and seasonings. I used a handful of almond meal and eyeballed the rest as any man would do.

Get in there with your hands and mix it.

Place the meat in a foil lined dish in the fashion of a loaf.

Put the dish in the stove at 375 degrees for around 45 minutes. For the last 15 I put some onion rings on top.

Of course the traditional topping is ketchup, I opted to use it as a condiment and keep it on the side.