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Primal Candy

November 27, 2010 2 comments

It’s tough to avoid the sweets around the holidays. Sweets are good but from the wrong place they can wreck your day. Here is a great way to get the fix from a safe source. Apples, specifically dried apples.

For this you will need some apples (I like Granny Smith sour ones), a sharp knife and peeler, some lemon juice, and a dehydrator.

A sharp knife is required, be safe.

Peel the apples, this is optional, I read the skin gets tough so you may not like that.

Once peeled, you need to core and slice. I’m not a pro so the core objective was failed, however I can slice.

Once the apples are sliced to your liking you will need to mix up some lemon juice and water to provide the sliced apples a soak. This is optional and will help keep the fruit from turning brown. The accounts I read suggested a 3-5 minute soak.

After the soak place them in your dehydrator.

After 4-5 hours they’ll look like this and feel leathery. I had some thicker than others and those were softer, the thinner ones were crispier.

They taste better than Jolly Ranchers.


Salmon Night 2 Primal Paleo

April 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Second go around with this heavy fish. I figured take an extra minute and make cake. Almond meal, egg, salmon, and seasonings. Put it all in a bowl and mix. On medium heat in a pan with evoo, scoop and drop the mix. Let the dropped cakes sit for approximately 4 minutes and flip. I used the bacon as a clock.

Almond Meal, egg(s), salmon filets, whatever seasonings you like...

bend it to your will...

into the fire...

almost there...

light fluffy nom

Once done, I whipped up some more garlic mayo with a bit of cayenne pepper. This took the place of ketchup.

Very good. Very easy. Pretty Damn paleo/primal too. The wife even liked it!

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Salmon Night 1 Primal Paleo

April 6, 2010 2 comments





I’m no chef but I eat what I cook. My first attempt at cooking salmon ended with a full belly and better a understanding of that fish.

Tonight was two wild filets, pan fried in evoo and butter with black pepper and dome garlic salt. I chose a lettuce and bacon side salad. I also tried some brown mustard on the side for dipping, as suggested by the community. Not 100% primal but 100% tasty.

With that bit of knowledge under my belt I’m curious about compound butter.