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Idiocracy is real and it’s going to kill me. #projectradiosilence

March 15, 2011 10 comments

I’ve been tempted. I’ve resisted the urge to just open the social networks and check in.
A small victory.
I imagine all the posts about being stuck in traffic or a grocery line and all the holier than thous professing just how much better they are than you. I imagine the wisecracks at Japan and about how they should of not built near water. I imagine there are a few true posters lamenting about being away from home or missing their families or being proud of their new puppy or their baby. I imagine my own same mundane smart assery, then I quit imagining. I come to my senses and turn away from the beast and let it continue to eat the masses. I’m not wanting to be digested so easily anymore. It seems the beast we’ve made thrives on poisonous things.

I just keep my mouth shut.

I’m burning down to ash and plan to smolder. When the fire comes back it will be anew. So far so good, one less tiny screen commanding me to jump into the fray.

I think we as a people have been dumbed down and numbed down. We think there’s an app for that, an app for everything. Somebody or something else will do it for me. Try this at the next big box store, pay in cash and watch the cashier struggle to count back change. Go through a drive through and order off the grid, take a number 1 and make it a number 2, a cheeseburger with no cheese, if you dare. Watch for the smoke from the attendant window as their gears grind to a nub. Too much stuff doing the thinking for us. All you have to do is look good and stay tuned in.

I’ve thought in the past and agreed with the premise that the new privacy is that you have none, under that model you need a light on the grid in order to stay off the grid. When that light goes out you stick out like an un-hammered nail. We know what happens to those. That said, seeing as how you “need” a light on, it’s wise to make yours burn in a different way. In the land of the blind as it were. In the land of the blind my neighbors won’t wave at me but will comment on a link I post. In the land of the blind your public facing side gets more cred than your soul. In the land of the blind you owe a like minded response or risk being judged accordingly. In the land of the blind your contribution to the link economy is worth more than a physical helping hand outstretched.

A hierarchy
Spread out on the nightstand
The spirit of team
Salvation is another chance
A sore loser
Yelling with my mouth shut

A cracking portrait
The fondling of trophies
The null of losing
Can you afford that luxury?
A sore winner
But I’ll just keep my mouth shut

It shouldn’t bother me
But it does

The small victories
The cankers and medallions
They keep me thinking
That someday
I might beat you
But I’ll just keep my mouth shut

It shouldn’t bother me
But it does

You still won’t hear
You still won’t hear
You still won’t hear
You still won’t hear
You still won’t hear
You still won’t hear


Turn The Light Out

March 8, 2011 14 comments

One big thing about going primal, to me, was cutting out excess and embracing a more minimal position in life. Making due. Getting by. Fewer nicer things. This has worked out well in many areas. It’s given me more energy and more good days. It led to me to a core group of people that I wish were really in my real life and not just an avatar on my phone or laptop. I’ve broken bread with some and it was amazing.

I’ve written about lifeboat builders and coconut washers before. This idea haunts me and when verbalized gets filled with passion when I tell others. To that end I want to strip out another layer of poison from my diet, my info diet. Social media is fun and time consuming, I love it and the views I get on all the different topics and people in the world. Sadly it has a downside, increased screen time and disrupted sleep, to name a few. It proves out the fact that a lot of people have a side they want you to see even if it is fabricated for an audience.

I am what I am if you know what I mean. WYSIWYG.

For the next 40 days no twitter. No book of face. They get too much of my time. They’ve intruded on the real world enough. I even had a guy call me on my phone to express concern for me only to shit on me the next day, virtually of course. What a bunch of fucking two faced weirdos out there. I do not allow that shit in my real life and I won’t allow it in the tubes either. ┬áThose who really know me will understand and know how to get me. I’m no big loss anyways and it’s only 40 days. Should be plenty of time for the drama to blow over and let us rise from the ashes. We’ll see who is left and be better off for it. I stopped watching the big news channels last April and it was great move. Now the paleo/primal crowd is just as hate filled as Democrats and Republicans. Not my scene. I dig the n=1 folks who dare to have a brain.

I plan to blog and do email, that’s about it. Any tweets will be from those posts. I’m going to focus on me and my wife. I have a child growing in my wife and I love it with all my body and soul. Those things are more important than petty internet “friends” trying to farm hits. Sorry you couldn’t market me.

40 days, 40 nights. 80/20 and kettlebells.