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Personal Challenge 19

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Pressed on, besides the fact that my day job really drug me down. My 3rd 24 hour fast this week paired with the swings, I nailed 241 in 10 minutes flat. 101 2 handed type and 70 each on the left and right. I’ll add I dropped 100 in the first 3 minutes and 35 seconds. The remainder was small breaks and swings. I’m pretty sure there are better people out there who do more but I’m feeling great doing this fasted.

I am glad that Monday will be the last day of this. I am getting bored doing just swings. February marks the start of some running or sprinting as well me going back to RKC minimums week one to see if I improved on that. I hope to bike some more too as the days are finally getting longer. The running is for Warrior Dash in May. We shall see. The Cult-Ceremony

Challenge Total: 4278


Personal Challenge 17

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Yeah. That’s what’s up. 227 in 9 minutes 52 seconds. 83 two handers, 72 each on the left and right.  All this on the heels of 3.3 mile bike ride in 45 degrees on the heels of a 24 hour fast. I think I did something. If you listen you can hear the awesome. Street Sweeper Social Club

Challenge Total: 3810


Personal Challenge 11

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

205 swings in 12:06. 30 on the left, 30 on the right, 145 two handed. Longer time due to mgmt coming into the dojo. I also rode 2 miles on my bike, I forgot to time both laps but the last looked close to 10 minutes. My whole body is shaking as all this was back to back. Kettlebell form suffered.

I gots to/hope to mix it up a bit more with Warrior Dash coming up. My pal who is doing with me is not a fitness king and his goal is to not be lapped by the wave after us. I think this is a reasonable goal. Atreyu-Lead Sails Paper Anchor

Challenge Total: 2287