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RKC Minimum Program Week 1 Day 1 Dry Run

October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Since I’m a weak bastard I read about the RKC minimum program over the last 3 weeks while doing some basic kettlebell moves with my lady size 20 pounder. Swings, dead lifts, halos, and cleans. This week I start to see if I can do the actual thing. I’ve been warned to stay away from getups just now (injury), so I’ll skip those and do cleans and presses those days instead. In reality I’m modifying a fair amount without deviating from the core.

The warmup wasn’t too bad, 10 dead lifts, 10 halos, repeat for ten minutes, I lost count of how many I did but the last known good count was 60, I know I did more.

The workout portion was tough, 20 swings, active break, repeat for 12 minutes. I got to around 80 swings at about 8 minutes in and started hurting. I pressed on to 9 and a half minutes and called it. My arms are quivering as I type this. This was a dry run, so tomorrow I’ll do it again, I’m not going to keep doing day 1 until I get it right but I will repeat the week if needed. I want to master at least this week before moving on. It’s only fair to master the first one and then progress.