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Big bear chase me.

March 20, 2011 2 comments

11 Crepe Myrtles. 11 holes dug with a shovel. 11 wheelbarrows full of dirt moved from the front yard to the back. 18 cubic feet of potting soil hoisted on my shoulders to the 11 holes. 18 cubic feet of hardwood mulch spread to the 11 holes.
Dirty hands and sweat from the brow stinging my eyes.
I dare say it’s free therapy.
I dare say it is Church.

By the end I’m telling myself “just one more rep….”

At the end I’m telling myself “big bear chase…”



March 13, 2011 5 comments

I’ve been slacking on the KB lately due to my heart and the new baby being a fresh new batch of stress on me. I decided to fight through it and try this set of workouts I got from a pal. It’s loosely based on Kettlebell Burn. Loosely because I can’t quite hang with the pace yet.

Session A is TGUs, goblet squats, arm rows, and swings. You get 15 minutes for TGUs left and right, I got 14 on each side with my 20 pound in 14 minutes 27 seconds. Goblets and rows. These freaking hurt, as you alternate sets of 10 for 15 minutes. I got 40 goblets, 40 left rows, and 40 right rows with the 35 pounder in 14 minutes and 37 seconds. For swings you get 10 minutes, 20 seconds work, 40 seconds rest. I got 130 with the pood.

I am smoked, even my ankles are shivering. Good stuff.

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